vc compAInion makes vc funnels faster, cheaper, better, less risky with AI

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How VC Funnels work

Map the landscape

  • Explore different startups and investment opportunities

Reduce to a set of startups to look further into

  • Assess market potential, business model viability, team capabilities, competitive advantages

Sort according to a prioritization based on potential

  • Growth opportunities, scalability, differentiation, alignment with strategy

Filter the top n candidates

  • Deeper analysis, due diligence, IP, legal, risks
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vc compAInion aims to make that funnel …

Less time from first discovery to making a move

Less costs for doing analysis and prioritization

Better quality and precision of results 

Better prioritization and long-term planning

…with AI

How it works

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing daily task automation, particularly with tools like vc compAInion in the startup ecosystem. By providing basic input like pitch decks or websites of your target startup, vc compAInion launches a set of complex AI tasks to process this information. This AI system validly interprets and correlates the data, uncovering insights that could be otherwise overlooked. The end result is a concise, well-structured report furnished to you, complete with insightful actionable numbers. This approach saves time and strengthens decision-making in a competitive environment.

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